What are the consequences of continuing to underfund fire protection services?


  • Lack of funding for firefighting services places lives and property in the community at risk. Response times are critical. Without an appropriate firefighting response, a fire in a building can double its size every minute.
  • Lack of adequate fire protection services leads to higher insurance rates and can even affect the availability of coverage. Many insurers factor the availability of effective fire protection services into their rates. There have been reports in the community that insurance rates have increased significantly due to ECCFPD's service levels, with some homeowners in Bethel Island and Morgan Territory actually losing insurance coverage.
  • Without new sources of revenue, service levels may continue to decrease. Most property in the District, both existing and new development, do not generate sufficient financial support for the District to provide adequate fire protection service. Development that continues this trends contributes to ECCFPD's service deficits, spreading limited resources across more people and properties needing protection, especially as wild fire risks increase and spread Statewide. Development that provides adequate funding can help ECCFPD close these deficits.