What has ECCFPD done to live within its means?


In recent years, ECCFPD has made structural changes to improve its service become more efficient. Since 2010, the District has:

  • Closed 5 of its original 8 fire stations;
  • Reduced the size of its firefighting staff from 57 to 31;
  • Frozen salaries from 2007 until 2012;
  • Sold/prepared to sell surplus equipment and other property;
  • Minimized benefit costs in it contracts with its union, Firefighters Local 1230 by:
    • Requiring all union employees to pay the full cost of their contributions toward their pensions, consistent with State pension reforms.
    • Instituting a 50% cost sharing for future medical insurance cost increases, which reduces the District's costs for retirees' health coverage; and also
    • Paying firefighters $400 per month if they sign up for health coverage through a spouse or partner's employment rather than through ECCFPD. When this benefit is chosen, ECCFPD's saves as much as $15,000 per year per employee.