What would the District need to provide service at the National Fire Protection Association's recommended levels?


ECCFPD's 2015 "Deployment Performance and Headquarters Staffing Adequacy Study" found it would need to operate three additional fire stations -- for a total of six stations -- to provide recommended service levels for this service area. The national standards also recommend that each of ECCFPD's stations have 4-person crews, an increase from the District's current 3- person crews.

ECCFPD's service is also hindered by its available equipment. Many of the ECCFPD's fire engines and water trucks are too old and need to be replaced within the next five years. Also, as buildings are increasingly taller – with three or more stories – ECCFPD needs more fire engines with longer ladders. Additionally, the District needs a training center where employees can do their 240 hours of training per year as required by the State Fire Marshal.