Why has the District been closing existing fire stations?


Since 2008, ECCFPD has consolidated from 8 partially-staffed fire stations to 3 fully-staffed stations due to financial shortfalls and operational needs. ECCFPD has closed several older stations because the buildings were not build for, and cannot safely or comfortably house our 24-hour staff. Also, they are not in the right locations to meet the community's needs. In their place, the needs new stations, which is why ECCFPD worked with the City of Oakley to construct a new Station 55, and is working with the City of Brentwood on a new Station 51. But even with new stations being built, ECCFPD can't afford to staff more than three stations with firefighting crews. As a result, Station 55 is being used for other ECCFPD purposes until we can afford to move in a new fire-fighting crew.